Oil Neutralizer (Refinery)

Mohit International provides a range of superior quality Oil Neutralizers which are used for refining various vegetable oils in batch type units.

Oil is neutralized in the neutralizer to remove the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) by adding caustic soda. Oil is heated up to about 60°C by Steam coils and oil is stirred by stirrer. Then soap stock formed due to chemical reaction is allowed to settle at the bottom of the neutralizer from where it is taken out into soap pan.

    Salient Features of Oil Neutralizer:
  • Sprinklers are fitted at the top of neutralizer in order to provide efficient dispersing of caustic lye and hot water
  • Gear boxes with motors are fitted at the top for agitation of oil
  • Neutralizers are also available in customized sizes to suit various capacities of the plant
  • Neutralizer are available in capacities ranging from 1 ton to 15 ton