Cooking Oil Refinery - Mohit International

We offer batch oil refinery plants from (5 - 30TPD), in this system a measuring quantity of oil is refined in sequence of neutralizing , bleaching, deodorizing and cooling.

Refinery Plant

Crude oil obtained from oil mill contains so many impurities such as gums, mucilage, coloured and many more unfiltered proteinous matters from the seed along with free fatty acids (FFA) which tend to deteriorate the oil on storage, thus making it dangerous for edible purpose.

Neutralizer: Neutralizing is the first stage for removing the FFA from the oil with mixing the caustic soda solution.

Bleaching: Bleaching is the second step. In the bleacher bleaching earth along with activated carbon will be mixed in the oil for removing the colours from the oil. After completed the bleaching process oil will be filtered by the Filter Press of Pressure Leaf Filter

Deodorizing: Deodorizing process is used to remove the unacceptable smell (Odour) from the oil with the help of live injected steam into header oil under 760⁰ vacuum. After deodorizing process oil will be transferred to cooling section.

Cooler: Cooler is used to cool the oil with chilled water. After finish oil will pass through the polish filters and it will be stored for final packing.

The batch Refinery process as following: Vegetable Oil Expeller Machine

We are also manufacturing the Steam Boilers, De-waxing & Fractionation, Countinue Deodriser etc.