Start an Oil Mill Plant ?

Mohit International is renowned company involved in manufacturing, exporting and trading a complete range of oil mill machinery and also offers turn-key projects of oil processing, edible oil refining plants, Animal / Poultry Feed Plants, Wheat Roller Flour mills including planning, designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning.

Our oil expeller can crush all kind and types of edible and non edible oil seeds, such as canola seed, castor seed, copra / coconut, groundnut / peanuts, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, palm kernel, sesame seed, mustard seed, soybean, neem, flax seed, jathopha, karanja seed, mahua seed, safflowers seeds, sheanuts, etc.

Machinery required to Start up an Oil Mill

Different types of machinery will be used according to nature of the oil seeds which you are want to crush. However, the oil expeller machine / oilseed screw press is the heart of the oil mill, no matter what raw material you want to press, oil expeller machine is essential.

Seed Cleaning Machine

Seed Cleaner are used to remove the dust, husk, stone, metal and other impurities. This cleaning machine can clean various oilseeds by changing different aperture size screen and it is essential in the oil mill plant.

Steam Kettle / Cooker

Cooking kettle is mounted on the expeller for steaming and cooking of the oilseeds and nuts which can increase the oil yield and improve the quality of oil and oilcakes.

Oil Expeller

Oil expeller machine is also known as Screw Press. Machine is mainly composed of cage bar, worms (Screws), hopper, barrel, bearings, cone point, gears, shafts. Oil expeller is the mechanical method for oil extracting from raw material such as mustard seed, groundnut, neem seed, cotton seed, copra / coconuts and all oil seeds. There are three types of oil expeller machine single chamber, double chamber and triple chamber machine. Our machines crushing capacity start from 3 to 50 tonnes per day.

Oil Filter Press

The filter press contains a fine-mesh filtering cotton / nylon cloth which is used to separate the solid and foots from the crude oil. It is equipped with plunger pump with motor, so it is easy to operate.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator is the most common equipment for safe and secure feeding of material in oil mill. This ensures smooth transfer of raw materials to machine. For added advantage, the trough is fabricated by MS angles, Sheet.

If you are thinking to start an oil mill for making edible oil or non-edible oil, we can help you. You just select the raw material, tell us your production capacity, our professorial engineering team will make the best tailor-made plan that satisfies your oil making needs!

Factors to Consider Before Setting up an Oil Mill Plant

Before starting, it is necessary to check all the factors related to Oil Mill Plant.

Availability of raw materials

This is the first step before starting the oil mill, there should be a clear idea about what kind of vegetable oil is needed in the market, and the raw materials supply is stable. This provides an oversight of benefits which is oil mill bound to make.

Capital Required

Businesses like starting an oil production plant require some capital as it includes machinery, office furniture, paying employees, raw materials and vehicles, land and building with power connection.

Raise as much money as you can

If you have enough money to start, then ignore this step. But if not, find the ways to get the Funding. Money can be a very important factor for the production capacity, the quality of the oil.

Location of the plant

The plant should be located in areas with good roads for effective transportation of products and raw materials. It should also be near raw materials, electricity and water to cut the costs. The population of the place should also be considered since oil milling plants relies on manpower.

Find manufacturer

Installing a oil mill plant is easy if you have a full understanding of its functioning, equipment. Most importantly, a manufacturer will help you save the costs and solve problems quickly and effectively. If you are really interested in Oil Mill, please feel free to contact us directly for more technical parameters and other information.

Laws, Rules and Regulations

Setting up a business requires one to abide by the rules and regulations of government. Being aware of the rules, regulations and laws of a Country helps in the processes of Company registration and payment of tax. Consulting a lawyer helps with these legal issues. Lack of adequate knowledge may lead to huge penalties and fines.